Time and Attendance & Productivity

Via the Time Attendance System, the monthly wages of the company personnel can be calculated.   Personel-CI Main advantages of the Personel-CI are many business records, personnel based shifts, adding/deleting some movements to personnels, daily/hourly permit entry, saving changes excel, html and text formatted. It also has ERP and MRP softwares and integration solutions. Personel-CI…


Public Transport Management

When users reading their cards, transaction record transfered to center with GPS data thus system allow for reporting. Public Transport Management Systems uses with smart validators and software.


This application can be using like bank credit cards at the expense points. Ewallet uses with smart card readers, smart cards and application.


Cafeteria Management Systems

Cafeteria Management Systems has software that are closed loop credit applications and POS machine integrations. Barkodes can some campaign and group tariff in the payment systems.


Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management Systems that allows job flow up for product, vehicle, documents entrance and exit. Visitor, document, vehicles are recorded by system. Related person can be informed by email automatically. This system can be integrated with Access Control System.


Loyalty Systems

Loyalty Systems provides membership procedures and control systems accordingly that. Members can be won bonus points and they can be spent their bonus points in the merchants.



ECampus Systems

ECampus system provides entrance and exit controls for academic staff and students. And also system makes archiving and reporting.


Stadium Control System

It planned for the law number 6222 Avoid Severity & Disarray in Sports. Stadium Control System has blacklist application, grouping and unauthorized passing test. Also, it enables some controls for which ticket pass which accept point.


Access Control System

Access Control System is a software that is designed specifically for the zones where controlled access is desired. Access Control Software can be used at many various points such as universities, stadiums, companies, public buildings, exhibition areas, and concert organizations.



R&D Productivity System

This software enables 5746 R&D activity support which partaking in statute and it can control in scope / out of scope calculations.