ARF is a control panel, to which card readers and RFID readers can connect. ARF Control Panel can operate in both online and offline modes, meeting the expectations of people who seek the technology of the future with its high quality, speed and affordable price. ARF Control Panel can store and interpret data thanks to several applications it is bejeweled with.

ARF Control Panel allows for connecting 4 readers simultaneously, each of which is capable of managing 32 cabinet locks. Moreover, a software development kit is provided together with ARF Control Panel for unique applications and it can be employed in various other projects as well thanks to its operational flexibility.

  • Power Supply:12-13.5 V DC resettable fuse
  • Communication:Rs-485 (2Wire), Rs-232 (RX,TX), 10/100 Mbps, Scanning devices on network, Permanent IP, Defining Subnet Mask and GateWay, TCP/IP Server, Client communication, Telnet Server, Client, Raw communication, Led lights indicating link and transfer status, 10/100 Mbps, 2KB FIFO buffer, Automatically obtaining IP address with DHCP, Monitoring on Windows network devices through uPnP, Http Client feature, data exchange with Web service on internet address, UDP BroadCast, MultiCast communication
  • CPU:80MHz 32 Bit Arm-M3
  • RTC (Real Time Clock):
  • Buzzer:
  • User Memory:262.140, 4Mbyte
  • Log Memory:299.592, 4Mbyte
  • Activity Memory:344.525, 4Mbyte
  • Software Development Kit:C#, .Net
  • Relay Output:2 adet NC, NO 240VA 48W
  • Status Input:2 Input
  • Battery Monitoring Input:Analog
  • AC Fail Input:Optically isolated
  • Tamper Input:Optically isolated
  • Fire Input:Supervised
  • Doors:Door x 2
  • Readers:Reader x 2
  • Operating Temperature:0°C – +70 °C