In 1996, Barkodes, founded in order to show activity in AID (Automatic Identification and Data) sector and carried out prestigious works in a short period of time, is a 100% domestic project company. Barkodes has attained a strong and essential place in the sector due to its custom oriented flexible approach.

Barkodes, having ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Standards, is the sole Turkish company having a Capacity Report and an Industrial Registry Certificate in its own sector that has succeeded to keep its place at the highest point together with its own 4 brands, various patent and design registered products, wide sales and exportation network, solution partners, distributors, representatives and agencies.

Since its foundation, Barkodes has taken to be a “manufacturer” as a basis and has concentrated on the development of its own hardware and software. Barkodes did not content itself with this and had developed a R&D department and as a result of dense works and efforts, it has provided all the products by creating its own brand in various areas such as electronic circuit design, electronic cards, software embedded on the hardware, e-ticket applications, contactless smart card readers.

Barkodes has also undertaken the design and development of RFID by closely following the new technologies in AID sector with its R&D works besides the current hardware and software development activities. Thus Barkodes has performed NFC (Near-Field Communication) featured product production in Turkey for the first time. Barkodes has revealed the projects of R&D activity approval such as “Smart Card Reader for Pre-Paid Systems” that is produced for industrial PC design having closed circuit contact/contactless, GPS/GPRS, Wi-Fi and POS features by taking support from TUBITAK.

Barkodes, not contented with the R&D department, has founded Taç Teknoloji in 2009 that is a R&D company in order to provide system design, embedded software, application software, integration and production in electronics, defense industry and medical sectors. Taç Teknoloji has been continuing its activities at Teknopark Istanbul that is founded by the cooperation of Undersecreteriat for Defense Industries and Istanbul Commerce University.