BR 502&BR 503 Active RFID Tags

BR 502 Active RFID Tag mounting read only tag operates in the 2.45 GHz band. The small BR 502 Active RFID Tag is suitable for asset tracking, management, positioning and other integration applications. BR 503 Active RFID Tag operates in the 2.45 GHz band. The small BR 503 Active RFID Tag with rope, is suitable for asset management, personnel access monitoring and other integrations.


BR 825&BR 826 RFID Tags

Encapsulate with ABS Plastic, high-temperature resistance, BR 825 RFID Tag is equipped with permanent magnet, work well under metal environment, strong absorption, Anti metal interference ability, high sensitivity and stability.

Specialized for identifying and managing patients, With soft material, patient’s personal information can be written in the wrist band chip, BR 826 RFID Tag is severed for treatment, assay, inspection, operation, taking medicine, ordering a meal, cost payment etc management.


BR 824L&BR 824S RFID Tags

BR 824L RFID Tag uses a special encapsulation material to prevent magnetic absorbing, designed for outdoor use: waterproof, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-collision.

Encapsulates with ABS engineering plastic and BR 824S RFID Tag has smaller antenna gain and size, can be mainly applied in relatively smaller space.


BR 823I&BR 823V RFID Tags

BR 823I is specially designed passive tag for asset tracking, with smaller size, adhesive high-temperature resistance, strong and durable.

Designed with Ceramic dielectric, encapsulated with high-temperature resistance PC engineering plastic, BR 823V is light, standing high temperature, stable, convenient installation, and better performance on the glass surface.


BR 823 RFID Tag

Made of composite ceramic substrate, antenna designed on this with little assumption, high stability and sensitivity, BR 823 has better performance on vehicle glass, high-temperature resistance (120℃) and against ultraviolet radiation.


BR 821&BR 821I RFID Paper Tags

ade of composite paper substrate, environment-friendly antenna, pressure-sensitive adhesive, BR 821 Paper tag is stable, high-performance and user friendly. BR 821I is high-performance UHF tag, self-adhesive, easy and fast to make digital identities for products, suitable for product-intensive environment and production line management.


BR 508&BR 509 Active RFID Tags

BR 508 Active RFID Tag battery replaceable LED & Buzzer tag works in 2.45GHz frequency band in passive working mode. The tag has both LED and buzzer to indicate the working status of tags. With waterproof and battery changeable design, the tag BR 508 is very suitable for many application occasions such as asset management/monitoring/locating etc. BR 509 Active RFID Tag has temperature sensor and operates in the 2.45 GHz band, with external temperature sensor. BR 509 Active RFID Tag is convenient to measure liquid and environment temperature and widely used for cold chain logistics, medicinal transportation, storage management and such application sensitive to temperature.


BR 505&BR 506 Active RFID Tags

BR 505 Active RFID Tag operates in the 2.45 GHz band, which can be worn or mounted on vehicle windshield. BR 505 Active RFID Tag can be widely used in school & corporation personnel management & positioning, automatic vehicle identification, parking management, highway toll collection and so on. BR 506 Dual-Frequency Active RFID Tag operates in the 13.56 MHz & 2.45 GHz band. BR 506 is suitable for asset tracking & management, positioning and so on.


BR 504 Active RFID Tag

BR 504 Active RFID Tag operates in the 2.45 GHz band, with ultra-long read range (up to 1500m). BR 504 Active RFID Tag adopts high-tension industrial structure, with pressure resistance and high protective characteristics, which is suitable for access management of fishing boats, containers, container trucks and other large equipments.


BR I801 RFID Reader

BR I801 Integrated RFID Reader with built in 8dBi antenna, reading 8m, portable and user-friendly, Is widely used in asset tracking, production line, warehouse, logistic management, vehicle and personal management.